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Title: UnknownSpanish Sahara
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stormy seas + memories of earlier this winter

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if sirius black’s girlfriend never once took the opportunity to reply “yes” when someone asked her “are you fucking serious” i’m very disappointed in his choice of women

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Next stop…everywhere

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you have not experienced true fear until a poster falls down in the middle of the night

"Emma and Hook’s scene at Granny’s was a moment I’ve always wanted for her character: a moment of happiness with someone else but also happiness with her true self. Her enthusiastic “Boom!” was the cutest thing in an episode that featured Roland Hood, which is no small accomplishment."

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Anonymous said: Would you trade it for belle-gold, belllegold, bellegolde, emiliedesravin, robertcarlylle, emmasswane, collinsodonoghues or goldsbelles?

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bucky taking the time to do things he never got to do as the winter soldier. enjoying a cup of coffee with cream. admiring beautiful flowers. closing his eyes against the sunshine and feeling its warmth. lounging in bed on a slow sunday morning. petting a dog. gradually taking back the humanity that hydra took from him.

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